Client RoadMaps feature the full names of your clients as well as their birthdates. This has been cause for concern for some financial advisors who fear that sending a PDF via email with such sensitive information could violate security and privacy protocols. To address these concerns, i65 has made a system-wide policy change:

As of April 19, 2018, i65 will NOT send RoadMaps via email to clients.

As a result, i65 professional users will be responsible for providing RoadMaps to their clients in manner deemed appropriate under their organization's specific security protocols. Some options for providing RoadMaps to clients could include:

  • Allowing them to create their own i65 accounts which they can then log into to access their RoadMaps
  • Printing and delivering hard copies of RoadMaps directly to clients
  • Using secured email systems to transmit RoadMap PDFs
  • With cyber security becoming increasingly top-of-mind, be sure your chosen method of delivering client RoadMaps meets your organization's security requirements.