As of January 1, 2019, every financial planner (not just those of the premium level or above) can now access white labeling tool set. 

White labeling empowers you to customize several functions of the i65 software, including: 

  • Substituting the i65 logo on the software interface with your own 
  • Customizing the content of invitation emails sent to your clients 
  • Replacing the Insurance Agent Finder Resources on the resources page of your clients' Medicare RoadMap reports 
  • Adding custom content to your clients' RoadMaps

Only administrative users of the i65 system will be able to customize the settings for White Labeling. To customize white labeling for your company please follow these steps:

  1. Be sure you're logged in as an administrative user of the company.
  2. Look for the i65 customization settings on the home screen or in the organization set up page. (See Image "Your i65 Customizations") Click on the "White Labeling" link.
  3. Once you're on the White Labeling page (See Image "White Labeling"), check the box next to "Enable White Labeling" and click the orange "Save" button.
  4. In the White Labeling page, click on the various links located on the right side of the screen, including Organization Logo, Custom RoadMap Page, Agent Referral Set-Up, and Client Invitation Email, to create up your own White Labeling settings.