I65 2.0 represents a near complete overhaul of i65’s user interface, payment structure and functionality.

I65 2.0 offers more ways than ever before to provide your clients with the unbiased Medicare-related guidance they need. You can still use i65 to order one of our famous Medicare Initial Enrollment RoadMaps, but now the system offers so much more.

New ways i65 empowers you to to get (and give) Medicare advice:

  • A human touch for those who want one  — Software isn't your only option anymore. For clients or advisors who prefer it, you can now choose one-on-one consultations with a nationally-recognized Medicare expert for your clients or you can decide on a blend of software and personal consultations.

  • Existing coverage review services — Ensure that your clients who are already enrolled in Medicare have the most cost-effective coverage for their unique needs.

  • Assistance for clients who've made mistakes — Give peace-of-mind to clients embroiled in Medicare mistakes through an "Anytime Advisor" consultation directly with experts.

  • Medicare guidance for clients with complex needs —  Expatriates and repatriatesatriots expatriatesand Re-patriots, clients under 65 with disabilities, and clients with unusual circumstances; All of these and more now have solutions available through i65 2.0.

I65 is now credit-based to give you more flexibility

In the past, financial planners received a set number of RoadMaps based on their i65 subscription level. Now, each annual subscription receives a number of credits instead of a fixed number of RoadMaps. These credits can be spent on all the services listed above as well as a number of others including custom webinars and even speaking engagements. Of course, credits can also be spent on RoadMaps.

Let the software tell you what your client needs

Instead of starting a RoadMap, each client begins by taking a short Needs Assessment survey that will determine if their particular circumstances will be best addressed by an i65 Roadmap, a one-on-one consultation, or some other Medicare-related service.


  • The i65 home page now shows recent activity. The old home page is now under the “Admin” link at the top of page.

  • Instead of adding a RoadMap, you add a Needs Assessment. (A Needs Assessment determines whether your client can use i65 or requires a more customized Medicare solution.)

  • The list of circumstances where clients can use i65 that was printed on the right hand side of the “Add RoadMap” page has been replaced with the new “Needs Assessment” functionality.

  • Easily add and edit clients under the new “Clients” menu item.

  • The new “Services” menu item leads to a page where you can order a variety of personalized services for your clients including One-on-One Initial Enrollment Consultations, Plan Selection Consultations, and even in-person speaking engagements by i65’s in-house, nationally-recognized Medicare experts.

  • The New “Help” menu item will make it easier than ever for you to get technical support.

  • Instead of buying a fixed number of Roadmaps, i65’s new credits-based payment system gives you the flexibility to tailor a Medicare solution to your each of your clients’ exact needs.


  • Cleaner, easier-to-use interface.

  • Reorganized Resources Page.

  • Added a new lower-cost membership tier for Financial Planners who expect to use i65 just one of two times a year.


Give the new system a try by adding a Needs Assessment for a client or learn more by downloading our i65 Getting Started Guide.