Now, Financial Planners can easily determine if their clients are allowed to log into i65 to view the results of Consulting Services

The main change in i65 2.1 involves increasing the control financial planners have over whether or not their clients can log into i65 to see the results of one-on-one Consulting Services ordered through the i65 interface.

When approving a consultation from a Needs Assessment, or directly requesting a consultation without a Needs Assessment, planners will see a checkbox called, "Allow client to access i65". 

  1. If this box is checked, the client will be sent an invitation email to view their consultation Roadmap when it is complete.
  2. If the box is left unchecked, the client will still recieive an email indicating that the consultation is complete, but they will not be graded access to view the RoadMap. Instead, they will be told to contract their Planner.
  3. If the client previously had access to i65 and the checkbox is unchecked the client will lose the ability to sign-in to i65.

This checkbox also appears when editing a client from the "Clients" page and checking or unchecking it will have the same effects as above.