If you're simply trying view a sample reports rather than generate reports, click any link below:

If you're trying to test create samples of the i65 Medicare Optimization reports to show them to clients, here's how to do that:


  1. Log into i65 and head to the Admin section.  

  2. In the panel called "SAMPLES", click on each link in order to generate a sample of each report with your logo, contact information, and disclaimers.

If you're trying to test out how the i65 system works, here's how to do that:


  1. Remember, with i65, you can run unlimited reports for any "Active Clients." Thus, if you have already run any single report for a client already, or know you will do so soon, test the system using that Active Client.  

  2. After running any reports that do not want to keep, you may delete or archive those reports by clicking on the trash can icons next to teh report listing in the clients account page. A pop-up screen will allow you to schoose whether you prefer to archive or delete the reports..

If you have any questions or concerns about running Sample RoadMaps or getting started with using i65, please refer to the "Get Started Guide" located in the resources section of i65. You may also create a support ticket for additional assistance.