Confirming that you have ordered a service for a client, or what service in particular you've ordered, is a simple process.

  1. Log into i65.

  2. Click on the Clients tab and locate the specific client from the list and click on the name.  (NOTE: If the client you are checking on does not appear in the list, you have not added the client to the i65 system and, as a result, have not ordered any services for that client.)

  3. On the next screen, you'll see all of the activity that has happened through the i65 system for this client.
    • If you've ordered any services for this client, these services will show up in the listing of activity with a status of Not Started (if just ordered), In Progress (if i65 has started servicing the order) and Complete (if done).  See an example below.  

    • If you have not ordered services for the client, you will not see a service listed under the activity column.

To learn more about ordering services for your clients, please click here.