If you are uncertain if a Personalized Medicare Consultation or a Specific Plan Selection service is the better choice for your clients, here is some guidance.

If you have guided your client through the i65 software, then the client will have made key Medicare timing and type of coverage decisions through this process. Their final Medicare RoadMap report will tell them when to enroll in Medicare (or to delay) and what type of coverage is better for their unique needs (Original Medicare with a supplement, Medicare Advantage, employer group health coverage, retiree coverage, etc.). 

If you have not used the i65 software to guide your client through the timing and type of Medicare coverage, then a Personalized Medicare consultation is the service to choose, not a Plan Selection service. 

The difference:
Through a Personalized Medicare consultation (a 45 credit service. https://www.i65.com/oneonone-consultations) — Our experts start at the beginning of Medicare and go through everything — timing of Medicare, type of coverage that's best, the specific plans that are best for the client, how to get enrolled, and what to know for the future.

Through a Specific Plan Selection service (a 22 credit service. https://www.i65.com/specific-plan-recommendation) — we've assumed that you have guided your clients through the i65 software to make the first Medicare decisions — timing and type. Thus, this service skips over those steps and simply helps your client choose the very specific plans that are in their best interest (Humana XYZ Advantage plan, UnitedHealthcare ABC Supplement, Aetna XYZ Prescription Drug plan, etc.). Your clients will not learn the difference between a Medigap policy and Medicare Advantage through this service. We do not go through which type of coverage would be better for them because you would've already done that through the i65 software. Thus, the plan selection service is a lower-priced service.

If you still have questions or concerns about selecting consulting services for your client, please contact 65 Incorporated at 262-240-9860.