i65 3.0 is i65's biggest update ever. It features a new look and feel. A revamped home page. And two entirely new reports in addition to our popular i65 Medicare RoadMaps

Introducing iEstimates™ - the best way for your clients to predict all their healthcare costs in retirement

With i65’s new iEstimate functionality, you can help clients estimate all their healthcare and long-term care costs in retirement. Running an iEstimate with a client takes less than 5 minutes and provides you with advanced data-driven estimates of:

  • The total amount of money a client will need to pay for their healthcare costs in retirement including Medicare premiums, IRMAA penalties, and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • The total amount of money a client will need to pay for long-term care including homecare, adult daycare, assisted living, and nursing home care.

  • The amount of money they will need to have invested on the day they retire to finance their healthcare costs as well as their long-term care needs.

Once you have these totals, you can help your client allocate the assets they need to ensure that they will have access to the healthcare they deserve in their later years.

Introducing the new, improved Medicare Needs Assessments™

In i65 3.0, everything starts with a Medicare Needs Assessment. In less than 5 minutes, the Needs Assessment process creates a report that:

  • Evaluates your client’s current Medicare status.

  • Lists the common Medicare mistakes people in their exact circumstances often make and advises them on how to avoid them.

  • Provides step-by-step instructions on the actions they need to take in their current situation related to Medicare and long-term care.

  • Advises your client to use i65 when appropriate

  • Advises your client to use iEstimate when appropriate

The best part about the new and approved Medicare Needs Assessments is that you can run them for all your clients age 40 and over. Run them for new clients. Run them for clients who are under 65. Run them for clients turning 65. Run them for clients over 65. Run them for your clients who are already on Medicare. Make them part of your annual check-in meetings with clients. No matter what stage of life your client is in, they’ll find enormous value in the new, improved Medicare Needs Assessment 

WHAT’S NEW IN i65 3.0?

  • New Dashboard View 

    • Now, when you login to i65, you’ll be sent to the Dashboard/Home page. The Dashboard provides a great overview of your current activity and makes it easy to launch a new Needs Assessment for any of your clients. If you prefer the i65 2.0 homepage, you can find a very similar page by clicking on the Activity link in the main menu.

  • Vastly Improved Medicare Needs Assessments™

  • iEstimates™

  • The ability to archive old clients and reports

  • A new look and feel

    • I65 has a new brighter and friendlier look and feel


  • The Credits system is being phased out.

    • In the past, users have purchased a set of Credits to be spent on a certain number of i65 RoadMaps or other services. Moving forward, users will specify the number of clients they want to have access to the i65 system in a given year. We call this the “Active Client Limit.” Each of these Active Clients will have unlimited access to i65 Medicare Needs Assessments, iEstimates, and i65 RoadMaps.

    • To start, all users will be given an Active Client Limit that is appropriate to their current subscription level.

      • You can add more clients to your Active Client Limit at any time.

    • As part of this change, your existing Credits will be converted to a cash balance associated with your account. The cash balance can then be used to pay for your i65 subscription, add Active Clients to your Active Client Limit, or buy specific services not associated with your subscription.


Give the new system a try by adding a Needs Assessment for a client or learn more by downloading our i65 Getting Started Guide.