The i65 Medicare RoadMap software helps clients with two things:
  1. Timing of Enrollment — The i65 RoadMap creation process answers the fundamental question, "Do I enroll now or do I delay Medicare?" i65 is very good at helping a client to know if they should enroll or delay (partially or fully) Medicare.

  2. Type of Coverage — The i65 RoadMap process helps a client understand their various TYPE of Medicare coverage options (typically, Original Medicare with a Medigap or Medicare Advantage).  It makes type of coverage recommendations, but ultimately the decision is up to the client.  
After the RoadMap questioning process is complete, the client receives a RoadMap report with step-by-step instructions for enrolling in Medicare as well as everything they might likely need to know about Medicare in the future, related to their unique needs.

BUT — What the i65 RoadMap software does not do is provide SPECIFIC plan recommendations, such as Humana Plan ABC, or UnitedHealthcare Plan XYZ. The i65 Medicare RoadMap software allows an advisor to provide expert Medicare guidance without having to be tied to any specific plan recommendations. But, clients still need specific plan recommendations...

In order for clients to receive specific plan recommendations, you have three options:
  1. Refer your clients to local insurance agents you have a relationship with.They can "take it from there."

  2. Use tools, guides and worksheets in the resources section. With these resources, the clients can use tools like the Plan Finder to pick specific plans, and you can also assist them in this process with these same resources.

  3. Order an add-on Plan Selection service, with or without a consultation.  With this service, your clients get specific plan recommendations based upon their unique needs without any insurance sales bias and without you having to assist in the process of selecting plans.

If you choose for clients to receive the Plan Selection service, this is the process: 

  1. Order the service through the Needs Assessment. You can only only order this service in conjunction with the i65 Medicare RoadMap software, and the only way to be able to run a Medicare RoadMap for a client is through the recommendation of the Needs Assessment.
    See example screen to the right.

  2. A consultations manager from 65 Incorporated will contact the client. The manager will ask the client to complete a questionnaire that provides the Medicare expert with the information needed to make specific plan recommendations. Once this quesitonnaire is completed, the consultations manager will then contact the client again to schedule a time for the consultation. Or, if you ordered a only recommendations report with no consultation, the process of creating the report will begin.

  3. The recommendations report will be delivered to the advisor and the client within 3-5 business days of the completion of the consultation, or, if there is no consultation service, upon the completion of the questionnaire.