"I have a client who wants to enroll in Medicare, how do I start an I65 RoadMap?"

"I've run an iEstimate and Needs Assessement for my client but I can't figure out to run a Medicare RoadMap for my client. How do I do this?"


The only way to run a Medicare RoadMap is by having a Needs Assessment recommend using the Medicare RoadMap software as a next step.

The Needs Assessment will determine if your client is eligible to run a RoadMap at this time. Refer to"What is a Needs Assessment?"

There are three possible outcomes of the Needs Assessment related to running Medicare RoadMap reports:

  1. It is time for your client to run a RoadMap. 
    The Needs Assessment will recommend that your client run an i65 RoadMap. From there, you'll just follow the Next Steps indicated in the Needs Assessment. SEE SAMPLE SCREENSHOT BELOW.

  2. It is too early for your client to run a RoadMap.
    The software will tell your client the actual dates they will be eligible to enroll in Medicare (this is called their Initial Enrollment Period or IEP) and ask them to run another Needs Assessment a few months before their IEP.  SEE SAMPLE SCREENSHOT BELOW.

  3. Your client's situation is too complicated for the i65 RoadMap software to handle. The software will recommend a Personal Consultation with the Medicare experts at 65 Incorporated. You can always reject this recommendation and offer your clients other methods of getting the advice they need like contacting a trusted insurance professional. SEE SAMPLE SCREENSHOT BELOW.