Download this Advisor decision guide to help you determine when a one-on-one consultation directly with an unbiased expert is the right option for your client and when the i65 software is the better choice.

The One-on-one Medicare Consultations

With this personalized approach, your client consults directly with an unbiased Medicare expert via phone, web, or in-person*. *Available in SE Wisconsin only


» Clients who’ve made Medicare mistakes or have complex situations
» Advisors who do not wish to touch Medicare but want to provide a premier solution to their clients

i65 and One-on-one Medicare Consultations

You guide your client through the i65 software, then let the 65 Incorporated experts select specific Medicare plans
for your client’s unique needs.


» Advisors who want to be “the face” of the Medicare solution, but do not want to be involved with the selection of specific Medicare plans.

The i65 Software

You guide your clients through the i65 software in a consultation setting or allow them to go through i65 on their own.


» Advisors who want to be the source of unbiased, expert Medicare guidance — without having to become an expert themselves.

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